Teachers 2020

Wilma & Viktor Edlund (SWE)

Wilma & Viktor Edlund (SWE)
More about Wilma and Viktor

The Edlund siblings started dancing at the young age of seven (Viktor) and six (Wilma) with Swedish bugg. At a small dance camp in Luleå they came across Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie and got stuck. They learnt it mainly by watching videos on the computer. Today they are part of the Swedish National team in both Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop with a long and impressive resultlist. They have widened their horizons by attending a dance gymnasium where they´ve studied jazz, modern dancing, ballet and choreography. Together they travel around the world dancing, teaching, competing and performing. Both Viktor and Wilma have participated in various shows. They believe that the social scene is equally important as the competition scene and that both parts are important on the way of becoming a good Swing-dancer. Dancing is their passion! Together they want to spread the joy of dancing around the world. In their expression dancing is like an inofficial peace movement. It unites, gives new friends and lifts spirits like nothing else!  

For more information:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/viktorandwilma/?hl=sv
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viktorandwilma/
Website: http://viktorandwilma.com

Svetlana Gavrilova & Alexey Gavrilov (RU)

Svetlana Gavrilova & Alexey Gavrilov (RU)
More about Svetlana and Alexey

Svetalana Gavrilova and Alexey Gavrilov range among the most successful Russian competition couples. While Alexey has been dancing since more than 10 years, Sveta joined him 6 years ago. Since then, they have been practicing hard and made it in record pace from an international newcomer couple to “fixed place in the international finals”.

They teach regular classes at their Moscow-based dance studio “Buff” and are Boogie Embassadors of the Russian Federation that would like to bring Boogie Woogie to the even most far places in Russia. Their international teaching career started in 2018. Beside Boogie Woogie, they also dance Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz as well as other Swing-related dances.

Swingdance for them means to express an absolutely positive and good mood feeling to the music and in the dance. Their inspiration comes from the music, from each other when dancing together but also from their students, when they succeed in developing their own dancing. They always remain authentic and true to themselves.

Jenny Thomas (UK) & Michael Jagger (US)

Jenny Thomas (UK) & Michael Jagger (US)M Photo credits: Felix von Aulock/ FvA Photography
More about Jenny and Michael

Both Jenny and Michael have extensive performance experience on the stage and screen and bring a sense of poise and carriage to their Lindy Hop movement. And while they can display intricate rhythms and fancy variations when dancing, they emphasise the use of their entire bodies to create a well-connected dance based on leading and following. They have been partnering each other at international dance camps now for about 5 years but working with each other in performance capacity for 16 years.


(c) Photo: Felix von Aulock/ FvA Photography @Camp Savoy

Larissa Conrad & Heiko Heckendorn (CH)

Larissa Conrad & Heiko Heckendorn (CH)
More about Larissa and Heiko

Larissa and Heiko have been dancing together for more than a decade and teach as a couple since many years. They love to spread their joy and passion for swing dancing in weekly classes and workshops in their local dance school “Basel Jitterbugs” in Switzerland and abroad. Larissa and Heiko dance all of the swing dance styles and mix them based on the tempo and energy of the music. In class they aim to deliver a good learning experience with a well balanced mixture of fun and challenges. Their goal is to help you grow as a swing dancer and develop your own voice on the dance floor. You might have seen them in the teachers line up of many festivals like Rock that Swing, the Barcelona Shag Festival or Swing Paradise or in competitions where they made finals and placed successfully.

Christine Guggenberger & Nino Haydl (GER)

Christine Guggenberger & Nino Haydl (GER)
More about Christine and Nino

Christine and Nino started dancing Boogie Woogie in September 2014. Their first competition followed right away and they got discovered to join the Germany Junior National Team. They did not have much time to spend in Junior class, so they switched to Main in 2017.

They were invited as perspective squad to the National Team and were nominated to participate in the European Championship in Schaffhausen 2018, where they became best German couple. Next year, they would like to put all energy and focus back into dancing, after having been forced by school and work to do a short break from all the dancing. They hope they can just continue with their “flow”.

They have known the BBDC since many years and have volunteered with the Kidz program. Now, they are very much looking forward to coming back as teachers for the first time.

Fotocredit: Anita Windsberger

Theresa Sommerkamp & Elian Preuhs (GER)

More about Theresa and Elian

Theresa and Elian have been dancing and competing in boogie woogie together since 11 year - and have not lost any of their passion over the years. During this time, the duo was - among others - German, European, and World Champion in BW Juniors class, and Bavarian and German Champions in BW Mainclass.
Now, they teach in differnt clubs and dance schools, incluuding Tanzschule Wolfgang Steuer München, and dance shows across all Germany, as in the Deutsches Theater München, Bayerischer Hof München, Dance-Stars-Gala Düsseldorf, Tanzschule Frieling, … etc.

Their lessons are always under the motto: "Dancing is fun", and so they try to convey the beautiful dance style of the 50s with joy and humour. In this sense: "Music on - we rock!"

More about Flora and Thorbjørn

Thorbjorn discovered the world of swing dancing at the age of 15 and became immediately hooked. His passion has always been to compete with others and so he started competing the very same year he took his first dance steps. Today Thorbjorn still competes but also teaches Boogie Woogie all around the world. Throughout his career he has achieved quite a number of titles and is about to become the most winning boogie dancer in history. In his title gallery you find: 5 world championships, 4 European championships, 13 Norwegian Championships, 2 Norwegian Lindy Hop Championships and 6 Nordic championships.

Flora has been dancing since she was 10 years old. She started competing in Boogie Woogie at the age of 15, joining the first international competition in 2012 and just running up straight to the finals. In 2014, together with Thorbjorn, right at the first competition, she became World Champion, followed by the European Champion title as the youngest dancer in history to achieve these titles. Flora has started to teach professionally about a year ago and loves to travel around the world and to pass on her knowledge and love for dancing.

More about Jessica and Markus

Jessica Kaiser has been dancing Boogie Woogie continuously ever since she was 6 years old, actively competing since the age of 8. She feels the music in her heart and in her soul, and this is what you see, when you watch her perfoming.

Markus Kakuska started dancing Boogie Woogie at the age of 11, and he loves to give each song his personal touch. Markus and Jessy have been dancing together for 13 years, and they belong to the top dancers internationally, even though both of them are not full time dancers. They place 11th in the world ranking of Boogie-Woogie and have won more than 40 first places nationally and internationally.

At the moment they are also the reigning Austrian champions. Both of them have taught in many countries already. Their main topics in class are fun, fun and even more fun!

More Informatione about the both: www.swingin-crocs.at

Tatyana Georgievska (UKR) & Sondre Olsen-Bye (NOR)

Tatyana Georgievska & Sondre Olsen-Bye
More about Tanya and Sondre

Tanya took off into the world of dancing at the delicate age of four. At the beginning, she engaged in classical dance, before starting acrobatic Rock-n-Roll at the age of nine. Beside this, she was active in a number of different projects in the areas of modern jazz, contemporary dance and Boogie-Woogie. Since the year 2000, Tanya is an active participant in Rock-n-Roll and Boogie-Woogie tournaments, and was able to score numerous victories, e.g. World Cup in Rock-n-Roll Formation category, won 4 World Cups in Boogie-Woogie main class. Apart from this, she has taken part in numerous dance projects and performances.

Already with five years of age, Sondre made his first steps on the dancefloor. With eight, he participatet in his first Swing dance competitions. In the year 2007, he was a participant in the show "Norway's got Talent", where his dancing career really took off. Since 2009, Sondre took part in Boogie-Woogie tournaments, since 2011 in Lindy Hop tournaments. He achieved numerous first places, for example 1. Place European Swing Dance Championship Strictly 2013 (London, UK) and 1. Place Boogie-Woogie Cup 2014 (Munich, Germany).
Tanya and Sondre have been dancing and competing together since 2015. By now, they have climbed to fourth place in the Boogie Woogie World Ranking List of World Rock-n-Roll Confederation. Together they were active as teachers and performers at numerous camps and festivals in their short timespan of cooperation, e.g. Rock that Swing (Munich, Germany), SwingAuout (Laroquesbrou, France), Sexto Vintage (Sexto, Italy), Northern Boogie (St. Petersburg, Russia).
More pics and information on Tanyas & Sondres website

Yana Meystelman & Ron Dobrovinsky (IL)

More about Yana and Ron

Ron Dobrovinsky

In a class with Ron you will find that working hard and having fun can go together, as you’ll be driven to reach the next level in your dancing. His ability to simplify complicated concepts and create a very clear buildup in his classes will give you practical ways for improvement and new ideas for further exploration. By creating fine & clear contrasts between different elements in the dance, Ron manages to create a good understanding and fast implementation of the material.

As a certified fitness trainer & a rich background in martial arts and other dances, Ron has a deep insight about efficient usage of the body, which helps dancers to create a better movement in the dance, with insights about taking care of the body and preventing injuries.

Ron combines the valuable experiences of building a local scene as well as international teaching. He teaches regularly around Europe in various dance workshops and swing & blues festivals. In Israel, Ron is the director of Swing It - Swing Dancing School, and teaches around the country.


Yana Meystelman

Yana loves teaching and is always eager to explore new techniques and ideas to make her classes the best learning environment for her students. Her classes are always fun and even the most complicated of ideas become enjoyable to work on.

Dancing Lindy Hop for almost 10 years, swingin' and teaching are a way of life for Yana. She's teaching in Israel on a regular basis with the Swing It dance school and also traveling and teaching at various workshops and festivals all around Europe.

Valerie Reiß & Christoph Pecher (GER)

More about Valerie and Chris

Christoph Pecher started dancing at the young age of 11 and can look back on many successful competition years as Junior and Main Class dancer with different partners. He started teaching several years ago at his home club in Simbach. Last year, he and a small group of competitors in his area decided to found their own club that focuses on competition dance. Boogieschmiede has already won several prices in different classes.

Valerie Reiß heard about Boogie Woogie only 3 years ago and eventually made it to Boogie-Bären DanceCamp as a participant which seemed to be a first part of a small destiny. Shortly after starting dancing, she also started to teach in her home area in several dance schools, which developed her further as a dancer. Besides the dance, she is also interested in Vintage fashion which encouraged her to introduce her own label and collection “Swing My Dear” at the BBDC 2017. There, she meets Christoph, immediately feel the chemistry and dance and start competing in 2018.

As a dance couple, Valerie and Christoph provide a unique combination of her smooth and creative movements with his rather footwork technique-oriented style. With their immense experience as teachers, we are sure that you will enjoy exciting, funny and informative classes with them.

Kerstin Engel & Johannes Hien (GER)

More about Kerstin and Johannes

Kerstin and Jojo took their first Boogie-woogie steps in a basic class in the year 2009. Since 2012, they are busy in the competition scene. The rapid progress did not go unnoticed, so that they have been permanent members of the German national team since 2013. On the national floor, they are newly named vice-champions. But also internationally, their path leads steeply upwards: They have achieved a remarkable 11. place at the World-Masters in Moscow, and danced their way to a number of quarter-final and semi-final rounds. They captivate with their acrobatic moves, which constantly awe the audience. As trainers they have been teaching at the BVRR-Tanztagen (BVRR dancing days) beside their commitment at their home club. Their furthest trip as trainers has led them to Siberian Novosibirsk in december 2015.

Lee Meidan & Kevin St. Laurent (ISR/USA)

More about Lee and Kevin

Lee has been teaching Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz since 2012, first locally in her home town of Tel Aviv and then internationally around Europe. Since a young age Lee has been studying dance, music (specifically jazz) and theater, and has always been a passionate performer. For her, Lindy Hop is art; it’s a conversation between two people and the music; it’s a way of self expression greater than words.

Lee teaches with various different partners and enjoys continuously learning from her colleagues and peers. Her goal in classes is to find the most honest way of sharing her understanding of the dance with her students, and preferably laugh while at it.

As an international man of Lindy Hop, Kevin has been traversing the globe since the new millennium began, spreading the gospel of the golden age of jazz. He has taught and performed in over 30 countries across 5 continents with an emphasis on the style and inspiration from the 1920’s to the 1940’s, but with a modern twist.

Dance titles started with the World Lindy Hop Championships in 2000 and continue to this day to such events as the International Lindy Hop Championships, Camp Hollywood, Savoy Cup, American Lindy Hop Championship, Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown and Camp Jitterbug.

With clear and humorous instruction, this creative and versatile dancer will entertain you, inspire you, and help you become the best dancer you can be.