Special classes


BB-DanceCamp is a great chance to try some more "extraordinary" things. That's why we offer you three different topics that you can work on intensively for one day each. Feel free to visit as many special classes as you wish.


Just pick the class you want to join during registration:

Aerials, Baby Acrobatics - Saturday

In this class basic techniques for aerials and figures will be developed to use in your later on performances.

PLEASE NOTE: For security reasons, you may only register as a couple for this class. Only 25 couples are accepted. Watch Out! Aerials are not for the social dance floor!


Authentic Jazz - Sunday

There is nothing that connects the individual dancer with the music as much as Jazz does it. While we often talk about Shorty George, SuzyQ or well Charleston variations when we refer to jazz steps, there is much more to take from this dance – individualism and rhythm. These classes are suitable for individual registrations as well as couples. We will work with you on some basic jazz steps, and their use according to the music so that you can perform them on your own, spiced with your creativity and individualism.


Participants of the Jazz class may take part in a short routine performed at the Sunny Side Hop in the evening.


It's all Swing - Monday

International world class: You control Boogie and Lindy at a high level and you can mix both dances and develop your own style without even loosing the authenticity and accuracy of both dances. This class will focus on the similarities and differences and will give you new ideas and inspiration on how you can begin to mix both. Required skills for the class are fundamentals in at least one of the two dances.