The BBDC Birthday Ball

Spectacular shows and performances await you.

Get ready for a brilliant party night with Live Band and DJs!


There will be two dance floors all night long - one for Lindy, one for Boogie. In the great hall, Billie & The Kids will be playing for the Boogie dancers. In the "Swingdiele" a number of DJs, e.g. DJ Wuthe from Berlin, will be playing for the Lindy dancers. Look forward to show acts and brilliant performances in the great hall. Your host of the evening will be Florian Pogats.


  • Two dance floors throughout for Lindy and Boogie
  • Live-Musik: Get ready for Billie & The Kids
  • The best DJs for Swing and Rock'n'Roll: Look forward to Stephan Wuthe from Berlin, Siegi Spiel from Munich, Markus Rosendahl from Sweden and others
  • Wooden dancefloor in both halls


There will be spectacular shows and performances.


Start / adress / entrance fee

Opening Box office:

8.00 pm
Start: 9.00 pm
Address: Sportzentrum, Hungersbachweg 1, Landsberg am Lech
Entrance fee box office: 23 Euro (Kids 10 Euro) as long as tickets are available


Billie and the Kids on Saturday at the BBDC

Live band on saturday evening: Billie and the Kids


Billie and the Kids is an 8-piece band that plays 1950s rhythm & blues, jump blues and 50s style New Orleans r&b. This makes for a unique combo nowadays for the amazing 26-year-old female singer, as well as the 3-piece brass section, capturing a vintage groove, like back in the heydays of Fats Domino, Little Richard or Ruth Brown.

Have also a look at the website of Billie and the Kids.

Listen zu their song "Tough Lover" on youtube.

Stephan Wuthe on saturday party at BBDC

DJs: Stehpan Wuthe, Siegi Spiel and others


Stephan Wuthe from Berlin will play for us from his collection of shellac records. Stehpan is known not only for his extensive music collection, but also for his way of composing the music for the dancers. Let Stephan surprise you. We are delighted that Stephan will be at the BBDC this year!

Siegi Spiel is one of Munich's most famous DJs for Boogie Woogie, Rock'n'Roll and Lindy Hop. Siegi is a longtime DJ at the BB-DanceCamp and also sells CDs on the vintage market at the BBDC. Take a look and get some treasure!

Marcus Rosendahl aka DJ Big Papa Mac will present the best Boogie, Rhythm'n'Blues, Early Rock, Doo-Wop and Swing from his collection. Look forward to dance about the danceable and the crazy, and the swedish kind of turning records.

We have also planned more DJs, which will bring the two dance floors to the quake on Saturday evening.


Awarded the Frankie Award at the Birthday Ball.

And the Frankie Award goes to ...?

The Frankie Award will be given again in 2017 for special merits for the dance styles from Swing to Rock'n'Roll of the 50s. Who is the or the prize winners is or will not be betrayed! Enjoy the award on Saturday as part of the Birthday Ball.

If you want to know more about the Frankie Award then read on the Frankie Award page.


Moderator at the Birthday Ball: Florian Pogats

Moderation and MC of the evening: Florian Pogats

Florian Pogats will lead the evening as a presenter. We are looking forward to his funny and sparkling way of informing the audience and guiding them through the event.



For the tireless, the Swing-Diele will remain open until the wee hours. Lots of dancing and fun!

DJ Hop.

Pictures from former years

Be part of the big BBDC Birthday Ball and celebrate with us at live music and two dance floors!