Boogie Woogie Classes

boogie woogie class

You can really "kick-start" you dancing skills with us!  

Choose a block class matching your dacing level, and work intensively on your technique, but also on new figures. The fun will certainly not be missed out. After your classes you can try other exciting things in our tasters.

In addition, we offer three one-day special classes.


Just tie up the perfect BBDC package:

Boogie Woogie Class Concept

  Boogie Block Classes Special Classes Kidz
Level All from int. level All from int./adv. level Children and 'youngsters' (7-16)

Block classes in different levels

Special class 1 - Aerials, Baby Acrobatics (Saturday)

BBDC-Kidz Program

Special class 2 - Solo Jazz (Sunday)
Special class 3 - It's All Swing (Monday)
Afternoon: Tasters (choose freely on site)    


With enough couples, we are happy to offer classes for ballroom dancers. Please contact Katrin Kerber directly, if you are interested.


Learn more about the different classes: